Where to play online roulette in India

Online Roulette in India Online Roulette in India

India has a huge population which has made many online casino operators interested in the Indian market. One of Indians' favorite casino games remains online roulette which is a profitable game for those playing with real money. However, many do not understand how to play this and which online casinos offer online roulette.

Casino operators offer other games which include Poker, Indian rummy, bingo, crap, and online Keno. We will talk about online roulette and its versions, where to play online roulette in India, and things to consider before playing this game.

Online Roulette in India

Online roulette remains one of the first casino games which Indians embrace when gambling was introduced in the country. The game of roulette usually has a wheel and a board. This, in turn, has about a set of 36 figures, where 50% is black and the remaining is red. At the table, there is a demarcation into a 12-line by 3 line grid. Before the beginning of roulette, all players have to stake with real money, then the croupier spins the wheel. Indian players can check here more information about roulette game by top casino game developers like NetEnt.

It is important to know that you can bet on both colors and numbers. Roulette casino online is more of a chance game, therefore there isn't much strategy that can guarantee winnings.

Versions of Online roulette in India

There are many versions of roulette games that Indians can stake on, they are:

American Roulette

This is a popular variant of roulette offered in Indian online casinos. This type has an extra zero pocket, two zeros which increase the house advantage. It is more difficult than other versions but offers bigger odds and more entertainment.

European Roulette

This casino roulette game online has 37 holes on the wheel plus an extra zero. This is one of the earliest roulette types, and it offers exceptional value to Indian players. European Roulette gives a smaller house edge, good returns, and better payouts. This is the most preferred roulette casino online version in Europe and Asia.

French Roulette

French roulette may look similar to the European roulette, but when you take a closer look, it is different. This is Known as the La Partage Rule. The house edge on this version is 1.37% as against 2.8% in the European type.

Laws regulating online casinos in India

Before wagering on online roulette and other online casino games in India, it is essential to know the legality of betting in the country. Wagering laws in India remain one of the most complex situations in the industry because of conflicting betting laws across Indian states. The birth of betting laws in the country can be traced to the 1867 betting law which allows the central government to monitor all wagering activities across the country. However, the law empowers each state to have control over gambling in their regions as long as it doesn't affect the national interest. Individuals can check this government report on gambling to have a better understanding of gambling laws in India.

Furthermore, the Delhi public gambling law of 1956 was introduced which divided betting in the country into two categories: Strategy and chance games. While some strategy games were allowed to operate, all manner of chance games was prohibited across the country.

Genuine changes in the casino industry came as states like Goa, Darman, and Diu took an unusual step in legalizing online casino business in their regions. They created the Public gaming act of 1976 which allows all Indians in the region to stake on any casino game as long as it isn't based on chance. Then came the year 2000 when the internet came and the Indian government launched the IT act of 2000 which lets the government regulate all online businesses but nothing was said about online betting.

The silence of these laws on gambling online India has allowed online gambling India to have various interpretations about whether it is legal to gamble or not in India. What is clear is that there are many online foreign bookies in the country, who are operating without problems, therefore Indian players are free to bet without complications.

Where can you play online roulette in India?

There are many best online roulette sites where you can bet in the country, they are

  • Rabona

Indians looking for an excellent online roulette website should visit this platform. They offer various roulette versions and have absolutely huge odds. Bonuses provided are enticing, and they also offer fast payouts. You can get up to 150% just by signing up with them. Asides, online roulette, they have other casino games like blackjack, baccarat, and rummy. Many consider this as the best roulette casino.

  • Betway India

A very prominent online roulette real money casino with thousands of branches around the world. Betway offers live roulette and casino games with many mouth-watering bonuses. Their website design is smooth and all sections are easily accessible. Privacy is their watchword, and you can rest assured that your information is safe. You can play roulette online India game on this platform.

  • Leo vegas

A popular Indian roulette casino with many players in India. They have been in the business of offering splendid casino games in the Indian market. A major advantage of this casino is that its house edge is low which increases players' chances of winning. You can talk to their technical support anytime, and they answer promptly.

  • 10 jack

10 jack is a prominent online roulette real money India casino with lots of players. It offers big odds on online roulette game, casino games and offers various discounts and loyalty programs many people want.

Criteria for choosing a reliable online roulette casinos website in India

Before picking an online roulette casino platform to gamble online India, consider the following:

Quick Payments and withdrawals

Only patronize online casinos where payments are secured and fast. This guarantees that you can bet quickly and withdraw your winnings easily.

Many casino game options

While online roulette India is profitable and entertaining, patronize Indian casino sites that offer more than just online casino roulette. A reputable casino website should have bingo, lotteries, poker, and keno.


Getting a gambling permit is important for all gambling platforms as this confirms if they have the legal status to operate. Top gambling licensing firms include Malta Gaming commission, Gibraltar betting agency, and the UK gaming commission.

Online roulette is one of the most followed casino games in India, and we have talked about gambling in India, online roulette websites and its version, online roulette casino in India, and what Indian players should consider when betting in Indian casinos.